Container construction

Steel construction underside

Upon request you can receive the complete desired steel components with a 3D Scan of the actual situation. And statics, drafting, production, priming and painting or hot-dip galvanizing. In addition the calculation of the steel construction follows Eurocode 3/ (EN 1993), the statics are completed by us. The focus is aimed at production of user-friendly constructions tailored to your specific needs. Naturallly we also construct according to your data, a sketch on paper or printed plans.

From individual parts to series production, we offer the complete service spectrum and are always at the cutting edge. Our employees are qualified welders and skilled professionals. We have valid test certifications.

The steel construction itself, mainly consesting of hollow profiles, supports and tubing is produced on our premises in Kleve NRW. Railing connections are either threaded, welded, pressed or joined using. „Tube connection systems“ made by BRINK. All head plates, foot plates, gusset plates etc. are cut by laser or water jet achieving the highest degree of presicion. Speak to us we will be glad to help!

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