Steel manufacture

Container construction underside

Our workshop equiptment includes E.N.C. folding presses, roller beds, several 3 and 4 roller forming machines for rolling sheet metal. From these formed lengths of pipe we construct non-pressured containers in various materials. From normal steel to heat-resistant steel, mangan-hardened steel, stainless steel, steel-nickel based alloys or aluminium. Of course we also produce angular or oval shapes as well as cyclones/cyclone seperators according to your wishes in edged or rolled implementations.

X-ray tested welding of difficult materials (inconel, incoloy, monel…) is manditory for us and documented upon request with the appropriate tests by a certified material testing laboratory. Depending on the material, containers can be delivered anodised, electro-polished or primed and painted. We are your partner, we can fulfill your requirements! Why not contact us? We are at your service!

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