Plant engineering

Plant construction underside

We built the desired plant with you or simply complete it for you. We produced, for example, a drying plant for woodchips (pellets) for energy technology. The plant was completely fitted into containers on our premises. By virtue of this modular and mobile application the plant was then easily dismounted, stored, transported and re-built.

For mobile deployment we made a mini dust extractor. For this unit the filters were cleaned using intelligent control. A high-quality diaphragm valve was employed to ensure optinum cleaning of the filters.

For size reduction of waste we made a crusher housing. In which, by the use of hydraulics and a very strong steel construction, waste was broken down and in a further process, refired.

A collection tank for liquid fodder for an agricultural holding was statically calculated by us. It was completed by us using stainless steel tubing and appropriate control bosses. The farmer now has more time for other things. Continuous feeding is garanteed. -There is so much scope of application – get in touch with us!

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