Welcome to Piron Metallbau GmbH in Kleve

The PIRON Metallbau GmbH is your competent contact for the planning and production of DIN 3834-certified components. Originally planed in 2006 as extended purchasing arm for special components and „quick shots“, our plant has developed into a certified manufacturing site. We supply and deliver constructional steelwork and components, folded, rolled or welded sections as well as complete installations.

The plant construction concepts are developed by us and our reliable partners. You receive from us the complete set up construction in 3D. On site, the complicated constructional areas and situations are scanned and planed down to the last millimetre. During assembly we combine pneumatics and hydraulics with the correct valves with SPS control. We also install all mechanical components such as gears and cogs with chains and spindles. Our partner takes care of the electrical installations from basic control up to complete control systems. Customised painting in the colour of your choice completes the offer. On request, trial runs and acceptance tests can take place directly at our premises. PIRON Metallbau GmbH in Kleve in the lower Rhine valley is your partner in metal construction and can always find the best solution.

PIRON Metallbau produces spare parts for your heat treatment plant. Inparticular special constructions for diverse furnace manufacturers. You can order our time-tested furnace chains in assorted types and lenths, all made to the upmost precision. The furnace chains are used in IPSEN-Atmospheric furnaces amongst others and carry the charge from the hot area to the cold (quenching-) area. The quality of the chain link is beyond compare to any other product on the market. Stability and reliability are guaranteed. We deliver in pre-fabricated lengths, but also chains in pre-specified dementions can be supplied according to order. Most standard chains have 100 links and a division of 15/8“ or 76 links and 2 1/2“-devisions. All other lenths and sub-divisions are available too.
In cooperation with other manufacturers we produce and supply chargers, retorts and all other specific items and requests on demand. Heat resistent refractory materials such as 1.4828, 1.4841 or Inconel (2.4816, 2.4851) or other specifications are our daily work. When a new construction is required, we make a heat transition calculation and insulate according to useage. Using either FF./ FL-Stone insulation plates or ceramic fibre products.

Small and medium sized containers in nearly all materials (normal steel, heat resistant steel, mangan-hardened steel, nickel based alloys or aluminium) are produced in Kleve in the lower rhine valley. The standard materials can be viewed in our material list. Container shapes can be cornered, round, or oval according to your requirements. We also produce cyclone/cyclone seperators in rolled or canted versions. X-RAY controlled welding of more difficult materials (Inconel, Incoloy, Mangan steel…) is manditory for us and is documented and approved by an external certified proofing laboratory.

We produce steel structures of hollow profiles, supports, and round pipes on site in Kleve.
We focus on the development of an user-friendly construction, tailored to your needs, which can be presented as a 3-D-Model. Through our own calculation we can use the materials effectively – saving you money! By doing our own calculations we respond quickly to changes or allerations leading to efficient coordination.
Naturally we also construct according to your data, or sketch. The elements can be delivered as requested: either rough without processing or sandblasted, primed and painted. Our partner takes care of any mechanical work (turning, milling, drilling). Should a package, after completion, require country regulation specification or ippc-standard we will take care of it. In us you have a partner to cater for your every wish.

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